The oldest versions of the discs were filled to the brim with pictures. The spaces in the middle were not connected.
(see top left and right)

In newer puzzles only the pictures were taken out. Educational aspect was to recognize shapes.
(see the other 6)


The "Bereboot"

A license was obtained for the Bereboot series, although my father's first interest was in fact for the Dutch children's television series "de Fabeltjeskrant". Although he was the first to apply, the license went to another company. Second prize was the Bereboot. At that time, it was a new series with no expectations for succes, at that time, it was not yet on the air. For both series, my brother Vincent was assigned to make the drawings. For the Bereboot, this was a tricky job, as nothing was known about the characters and few sketches were available. When obtaining a Disney-license, there was an obligation to have drawings delivered by the Disney-company, but Vincent's drawings that my Father sent to Disney as examples were found to be exceptionally good. Vincent's drawings were used for all the Disney puzzle discs.

My father always made the stencils for screenprinting himself. An accurate job that took a lot of time. Actually, this was just the kind of job for him. In later years, the experience with making the stencils for the puzzle-discs was an asset, when it came to making the stencils for the Cartophotes, where every fraction of a millimeter made a world of difference.

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In the first Bereboot discs, the pieces were found to be too small. Therefore, a new version was made, which explains the fact that the boxes, that were already printed in large numbers, didn't match the new version of the disc itself.


Disney license

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